OSHA Simplified e-Card Disclaimer

OSHA Regulations and Summary Interpretations

In the ASP/CSP Flashcard and Field Reference App; OSHA Simplified Section:

  • OSHA regulations that appear on  eCards are reprinted faithfully, however in some cases some standard line items are printed out of sequence as their content aligns with the general topic. For example, 1910.27(b)(2)(vi) and 1910.27(b)(2)(viii) may be printed together as their meanings are closely aligned with a broader topic (e.g. "Fall protection for rope descent systems"). Since 1910.27(b)(2)(vii) has to do more with load ratings for ropes, it was inserted into the proceeding eCard topic "Rope Load Limits" 
  • Summary interpretations contained on OSHA Simplified eCards are the subjective interpretation of the author designed to capture the essence of the standard for safety professionals to use as a quick field reference; as such there may be inaccuracies or errors in the summary interpretations. For that reason, when it comes to the safety and health of people, the user should consult the full OSHA text and/or contact their local OSHA office for further guidance and interpretation. Use of this app represents agreement that the user understands and accepts that the information contained may contain inaccuracies and should not be relied on solely for interpretation, training or understanding of OSHA safety and health regulations.