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Equation Preparation for the ASP, CSP and CIH exam 

ASP - CSP Flashcards & Reference App

What the app contains:

	• 1700  ASP / CSP study cards
	• 150 EHS References Sources
	• Exam Blueprint Roadmaps
	• 26+ EHS T

The ASP-CSP Flashcards and Field Reference App includes 1700 study cards based on 150 EHS sources and covers more than 25 EHS technical and management topics.  All cards reference the source information and location allowing the user to 'look up' the information when needed.

Clarify Calculations


Equations in the exams can make or break getting a passing score. The hardest part is getting the equation set up correctly. The ASP-CSP app focuses on step-by-step methods to help you set up the calculations quickly.

Be Aligned with the Blueprint


Each card indicates how it is aligned 

to both the ASP and CSP blueprints. 

The app also has a roadmap feature that lays out how the decks align to the blueprint as well. 

Save time


There is no substitute for hard study time where you're hitting the books; however, this app allows you to study whenever and wherever you have a few minutes to spare. Memorize and be familiar with the 27 EHS topics presented in the cards  without having to set aside large blocks of time.

Save Money


The Pro version of the ASP-CSP Flashcards & Field Reference App is 50% to 75% less expensive than other study apps. The app includes material for both ASP and CSP exams so you are able to save even more money.

Keep Review Info Fresh


Practice questions found in other study materials lose their effectiveness when you attempt to answer them before you are ready. The ASP-CSP Flashcards & Field Reference App helps you thoroughly KNOW the information before you attempt to answer those practice questions.


Main Screen & Card Screen

  • Field Reference Cards - These cards typically contain no more than 7 high-level concepts to facilitate quicker memorization and scanning. These cards can be used as a study guide or as a field reference.
  • Flash Cards - These cards are the same as the Field Reference Cards but with a flashcard feature to test your memory.
  • Citation - Just like a text book, each card contains citations for the source information including the page number if the information must be looked up. All EHS cards have at least 2 references.
  • Blueprint Location - Each card points to the location where it most likely corresponds to the ASP-CSP Blueprint (as of 2018). The Blueprint Roadmap Deck Table shows how each deck of cards correspond to the ASP-CSP blueprints.
  • "Mark for Review" - All cards have this button that, when pressed, allows you to save tougher cards for more in-depth flashcard study later.
  • Reference Only Cards - (not pictured) These cards contain information that is typically for reference only and are usually labeled as such. You should be generally familiar with the topic, but key information is there for reference when needed.
  • Set up the Equation Cards - (not pictured) These cards present scenarios to help you determine how to approach a problem and solve it. The purpose of these cards isn't to get specific answers to specific questions, necessarily. They are more of a tool that helps you learn how to read the problem, determine the steps needed to set up the equation, and then solve it. 

About the App


Career Enhancement

If you are fairly new to the profession or just looking to build and enahance your career, professional certification in the environment safety and health field is highly valued by employers and is a validation by your peers that acknowledges your hard work and wisdom. EHS Mindpalace's CSP Flashcards can help fill in the gap between long hours of studying and taking practice exams or going to seminars. This app helps you better make the transition between the books and practice exams.


How We Can Help

If you are working towards certification, you can study and flip through more than 1700 credibly sourced flashcards from more than 150 EHS published sources while you are in line at the grocery store or waiting for your coffee without spending hours creating your own flashcards.  

Topics Covered

Technical Safety and Health


  • Biological
  • Electrical
  • Excavation
  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • Hazard Communication
  • PPE 
  • Respirators
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Thermal
  • Toxoicology
  • Ventilation

Management Systems


  • OSHA Regulations
  • Chemistry Review
  • Physics Review
  • Statistics Review 
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Process Safety Management
  • Auditing
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Risk Management
  • Behavior and Training
  • Safety Economics
  • Safety Management
  • Workers' Compensation